Abner's Nutrition Center, located in Wichita Falls, Texas, was originally named The Vitamin Shop. Mildred and Joe A. B. purchased the store in 1971 and renamed it using Joe's middle name. Mildred was a schoolteacher in Wichita Falls for many years and made running the store her passion after Joe's death.

Mildred retired in 1988 and sold the store to Joye and Bill T. Joye ran the operation with the same integrity Mildred had and wanted to close the store when she decided to retire; she was not comfortable to sell her "baby" to just anyone and announced the closure of Abner's after 33 years. Barbara Noble saw this announcement and being a former employee, was able to convince Joye to let her give it a try. Barbara and her staff have made Abner's a really great place to shop or just visit!

Come by and see Barb, Amber, Leslie and Rob.