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Abner's Nutrition Center is home to a wide variety of locally made products designed to increase wellness and improve your quality of life. Take control of your health by paying close attention to what you put in and on your body. You're guaranteed to see a major difference!

Please consult with your health care professional prior to implementing vitamins and supplements into your daily regimen. Should you have any questions regarding our products, please call 940-766-1371 today. We'll happily answer any questions and offer advice.

Stock up on locally made items

We're proud to support our local businesses at our vitamin and supplement shop. Enjoy a little piece of Wichita Falls, TX. Choose from the following local products at our store:

  • Local Honey
  • Dr. Fitt - Amarillo, TX
  • Skin Drink Phytoceuticals - Carrollton, TX
  • Bearded Banshee Beard Oil - Wichita Falls, TX
  • Foster Candle Co. - Wichita Falls, TX
  • Gypsy Greens - Petrolia, TX







All products are premium quality and certified local. Your local business owners will thank you.

Stop by our shop today to take a look.

Local Raw Honey

Local Raw Honey

Stop by to grab some local honey and reap the benefits.

  • Local raw honey has the allergens native to the area you live in.
  • Buying local is better and not just because it reduces pollution and saves resources.
  • Local raw honey is full of all kinds of healthy ingredients that are great for the immune system.